Weight Loss Management in South Carolina

Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Programs in South Carolina

Our Weight Loss Programs in South Carolina are designed to help our patients achieve and maintain their goals. Our plans are consistent with balance education, appetite management, and nutrient and meal balance.

Achieve your weight loss goals with our comprehensive weight loss program designed to help you lead a healthier and more fulfilled life.
Dr. Alfred Randall Moss

Weight gain due to stress can increase cortisol, the primary stress hormone, fat storage, hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiency and insulin resistance. These increased factors can result in cardiac risks and weight gain in the lower abdomen, thighs, under arms and chin.

This weight is stubborn due to the powerful hormone insulin directing the body to store all food as fat (ex. Green vegetables) and not let it go even with exercise and healthy calorie intake. Low glycemic levels in the body will result in symptoms such as sugar cravings, severe sleepiness, dizziness, and headaches.

Weight Loss Programs in Gaffney, South Carolina

Proven Effective For South Carolina Patients

Restoring hormonal and nutritional levels along with clearance of toxins from the bowel and liver can improve metabolic symptoms and promote weight loss.

South Carolina Weight Loss that Works

Dr. Moss utilizes his knowledge and experience as a certified bariatric physician to select the most effective herbal supplements and appetite; suppressants for safety and effectiveness carefully.

Aggressive diets, limited calorie intake, and excessive exercise can result in decreased hormone function as well as adrenal fatigue. The goal is to balance and improve thyroid function, maintain balanced hormones and nutrition levels.

Tailored Weight Loss Programs Direct in South Carolina

Based on personal medical history we tailor weight loss programs to help each patient based on their needs.

We do not set goals. Instead, our patients set realistic goals and with appropriate programs we work closely to help achieve your aims.

We utilize a broad range of HCG diet, natural herbal and prescription appetite suppressors along with rich nutrient and high-quality protein meal replacement bars, cookies, and shakes. Ready prepared gluten free, organic meals are available and will be delivered to your home.

Our scientifically proven Medical Weight Loss Program utilizes the HCG combined with proper healthy Diet and expert coaching and supervision.

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Determined on a case-by-case review we will provide scripts for other medications that may assist you to reach your goals.

  • Oral Hunger Suppressants

    Phentermine • Phendimetrazine • Topiramate (Topomax), Metformin

  • Injectable Hunger Suppressants

    Byetta (Exentatide) • Liraglutide (Victoza)

  • Injectable to Increase of Lean Muscle mass

    Sermorelin • GHRP • GHRP

  • Injectable Fat Burner

    hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)
    Injectable medications are either issued or prescribed for a one month “cycle” of use and are self-administered, at home and on a daily basis.