Nutrition and Detox

Nutrition & Detox

Nutrition & Detox

Dr. Randall A. Moss and Dr. Ana Moss promote nutrition and detoxification, as they provide the ultimate solution to encourage you to restore the many essential nutrients you need back to your body to help you lose weight and keep it off.

The body’s multiple systems has a particular list of nutrition requirements that constantly change with age and lifestyle. It’s important to know what your body needs to restore it.

Backed by scientific research,, takes the perfect restorative and healthful approach to balancing mind and body. Dr. Moss addresses the following ways to improve and strengthen both mind and body.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant to compliment your healthy dietary lifestyle.Dr. Alfred Randall Moss

Lose Weight & Stay Healthy with Red Wine

Resveratrol is derived from the skin of red grapes that are used to make red wine.

Research demonstrates that Resveratrol can protect against:

  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Insulin resistance
  • Production of new fat cells

Resveratrol can mimic the effect of:

  • Eating a low-calorie diet
  • Influencing specific genes into action
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Protection of nerve cells from damage

Lose Weight & Stay Healthy with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is imperative for the health of your bones and a healthy diet. In fact, Vitamin D is scientifically recorded to reduce the risk of many potentially fatal diseases.

Proper Vitamin D levels can make the difference between a healthy body versus an obese body. Meanwhile, doctors and scientists are re-navigating their focus in bariatrics to determine the possibility that Vitamin D deficiency results in obesity.

The amount of Vitamin D circulating in your blood is directly related to the amount of the total weight lost directly following a reduced calorie diet.Dr. Ana Moss

Restoring Nutrients

Within every active cell function, the function of hormones, vitamins and nutrients all play a significant role. Incidentally, cell damage, disease and even cancer can be created by the influx of free radicals. These uncharged molecules have the ability to become neutralized by taking antioxidants.

To fully know if your body function is healthy, it is first important to understand the levels of vitamins and nutrients that are flowing through your body. Furthermore, hormones need vitamins and minerals to activate your body’s appropriate receptor. One example being, the thyroid hormone needs iodine, selenium and zinc to become fully activated.


The following are specific levels the body needs to be active and function properly:

  • Thyroid function needs a Vitamin D 25-OH and Ferritin.
  • Insulin needs chromium, magnesium, vanadium and Vitamin B3
  • Estrogen needs Vitamin B, iodine and cobalt.

Toxin Removal via Detoxification

Toxins are everywhere. Including the water, air, cell phones, computers, fumes, plastics, preservatives and other various elements that surround us everyday. Consequently, toxins interfere with all chemical reactions in the body.

Where do these toxins live in our bodies? They reside in the bowel, liver and especially in the fat tissues. After all, they impair the absorption and utilization of particular nutrients and hormones. An example of liver toxins would be substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs and fuel fumes because it impairs the entire process of detoxification.

Mega Ditox

Other identified effects of toxins include acidity from shallow inhalation, lack of vegetables and inflammation that is a result of chemical reactions slowing in the body.

Electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, watches and other devices are proven to have outstanding effects on brain waves, sperm function, immune system and thyroid function.

As a result, it is imperative to our body’s health to perform regular bowel, liver and tissue detoxification. Dr. Moss provides his patients with the right detoxification programs based on each patient’s individual body.

What Do You need To Know Balancing Your Mind, Body, and Soul?

You can expect a therapeutic approach to the healing process. Scientific evidence supports the powerful effect of the mind on the bodily functions of maintenance, repair and powerful effect of the mind on the substantial roles of the body’s repair.
Yes, every disease has been shown to be associated with stress in the mind in one way or another. Subsequently, every bodily process is influenced by an individual’s state of mind. In fact, even the mental action of planning to think about stress-related topics can produce a drastic change at a cellular level.
Become the center of your world. Set your goals high to achieve health and peace in all that you do. Love and take care of yourself first while honoring your needs, then and only then, can you then have the inner strength to take care of others.

If you are a person of spiritual faith, reading scripture, prayer and fellowship with other faith-based believers will certainly help you achieve health and a peace of mind that you thought was never possible before.

Strengthen the core of your mind, body, and soul with activities, such as, riding a bike, walking, jogging, running, hiking or yoga. As a matter of fact, regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and cognitive decline by over 30%.

Set some time apart for yourself in regular body massages and hydrotherapy with Epsom Salts to rebalance the blood flow to all organs in your body. After all, Greeks, Romans, Russians and people of the East have been benefiting from the many therapeutic benefits of these traditional practices for thousands of years.