Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal in Gaffney, South Carolina

Effective Tattoo Removal requests in South Carolina have exploded along with the overwhelming popularity of tattoos over the last ten years. When people want their tattoos removed, we and most physicians today consider laser surgery one of the best methods.

Tattoos are created by injecting colored pigment into small deep holes made in the skin. Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body’s immune system to remove naturally. When tattoo pigment is injected into the lower dermis layers of the skin it becomes locked into collagen fibres.

How Tattoos Work

Laser Tattoo Removal In South Carolina

The Q-switched Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) laser is the most frequently used laser for tattoo removal.

Q-switched lasers produce very short bursts of high energy laser light. The light is absorbed by the large ink particles, generating heat that shatters the tattoo pigment into minute particles which the body’s macrophages are able to remove over the next several weeks.

How the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment works

Because the laser energy is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink, the surrounding skin doesn’t overheat and there is no lasting damage.

With the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser available on our the award winning Harmony XL laser system in Gaffney, South Carolina, we can effectively treat dark tattoo inks, specifically black (which accounts for more than half of all tattoos), blue and green.

Patients should expect to come back for several treatments to achieve expected results.

The laser is the superior method for the removal of unwanted amateur and professional tattoos.
Dr. Alfred Randall Moss

Key advantages for tattoo removal patients:

  • Minimal risk of side effects
  • Effective treatment for dark tattoo inks (black, blue and green)
  • Dramatic results after several treatments
Tattoo Removal Gaffney, South Carolina

What Clients Need To Know About Laser Tattoo Removal?

The Harmony XL is a medical graded laser and is powerful enough to break up even the most stubborn tattoo ink. The number of treatments required depends on the tattoo, the ink used, skin type and quality of tattoo.

Laser shatters tattoo ink molecules

The average recommended course is 6-8 treatments/once every 8 weeks.

There will be redness and swelling and a white frosting over the tattoo straight after treatment. This is perfectly normal and indicates the treatment has picked up the ink. The area may then scab over and could take up to 2 weeks to fully heal.

We will discuss your aftercare needs with you during your consultation.

The treatment can be uncomfortable, the sensation is similar to that of getting a tattoo.

We are able to offer numbing cream prior to treatment if required.

Laser Tattoo Removal Results

There is normally no lasting damage to the skin. Very occasionally, mild changes in skin texture may occur.

It is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully to ensure no scarring. Healing time can be between 6 weeks to 6 months.